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Guangyu Wang


Dr. Wang is President of GBIC. He is also Associate Dean and Director of Asia Forest Research Centre, Faculty of Forestry at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Wang earned his B.S. in resource management from China, a Master in Business from the US. and a PhD in forestry at UBC. His research is focused on sustainable forest management and integrated watershed management by using GIS and computer modeling. He has completed several research projects on watershed scale forest restoration and sustainable development projects, where he used system dynamic approaches, bioregional assessments, geography information systems (GIS), and satellite remote sensing (SRS) techniques to analyze the mechanisms of ecosystem degradation and model the all over land use management. A computerized optimized model has been developed to define the parameters of water quality and quantity, soil erosion and productivity, biodiversity, and societal satisfaction in order to estimate the result of various applications of land use patterns, silvicultural systems, and forest practice techniques in the watershed.
As a business professional for many years in China and the United States, Dr. Wang is also interested in strategic planning, financial management, marketing promotion, and project management. He has successfully completed several marketing, investment and development projects, and initiated several promotional events for multi-national forestry companies entering China’s market.
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